Rickshaw Billie's Burger Patrol is:

a purely autonomous brand. The genre knows no bounds, yet the refined grooves and textures exemplify technical experimentation geared towards mass appeal. The independent and reckless nature is reflected in the music: eight-string guitars in a poly-rhythmic landscape intertwined with a distinct and powerful euphony not found in everyday pop culture.

"We're here to call you out. We're here to bring to light the subjects that get brushed under the rug and aren't socially acceptable to address. We're here to provide an outlet for you to take that pent up frustration and release it, in an adrenaline fueled live performance that many in the rock industry have seemed to lose sight of."

Based in Austin, Texas, you can catch the Burger Patrol at any and all venues, and can be followed on most social media platforms. You can find their EP "Burger Time Classics" and “BEEF” on any digital music format globally.